Laszlo Thoth (tongodeon) wrote,
Laszlo Thoth

Small Metalworking Project: adding a Kensington security slot

Dear Lazyweb,

Anticipating spending the next several years in front of a computer listening to headphones I bought a HeadRoom Desktop Amp, a product which I heartily endorse. (Hold off on the BitHead, which is getting a redesign to deal with the noise floor issue I raised with them.) Genuinely decent audio equipment is one of the very few things that you can buy once and use forever. Ten years later I'm still very happy with my Rotel amp, and I don't mind spending some cash on something that's going to stick around for a while.

Getting the amp to stick around is the problem. I'm keeping it at work, and I'd like to make it difficult for someone to walk away with it. The case is thick solid anodized metal, and I'm thinking that if I cut one of these into the side I can just use a standard laptop lock.

This ought to be the sort of thing a metal shop could do very easily. Anyone know where I could get this work done? What would I look for in the yellow pages (or its online equivalent)?
Tags: doityourself, lazyweb, security
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